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HIV RASH???? possible exposure

Quickly, my girl and I decided to visit a swingers club. We met a woman there that gave both of us unprotected oral sex. I also gave her unprotected oral sex. I also screwed her in the vagina and anally, using a condom for abbout 2 hours.

About 3 weeks later, i developed a big rash on my lower back, right above my tailbone. It was red and itchy and looked like a heat rash. It lasted for about 3 weeks, and then got scaly and disappeared. about a week after mine appeared, my girl also developed a rash on her face, but it looked more like pimples and not like mine. She also had stomach aches. I got worried and asked the woman about her sex life again. She told me that the last time she had sex was 4  to 5 weeks prior to meeting us and that it was unprotected. She told me took an HIV antibody test right after she met us that night (which would have put her test at 4 to 5 weeks after her last sexual encounter). She told me that her test came back negative, but it was only 4 to 5 weeks after a possible exposure. I asked her to take another one, because she might hav still been in that window period where it cn still come back negative, but she refuses.

The information I have been reading about  HIV rashes has me worried. the rash pics look just like what I had and appeared and left about the same time frame an HIV rash would. also, it said that the HIV rash can look like dark pimples on the face of women, which is like my girl got. Very worried. can someone enlighten me on all of this?
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You never had an HIV risk but I suggest you and your girlfriend have a full STD screen.
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