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Can you please advise the following

1. When will the ARS rash appear and how long will it stay for?

2. What other syptoms will accompany the rash?

3.  Will the rash look like red spots on the chest?

4. Is it itchy?

5. When squeezed will clear puss come out?

6. Will the rash appear and disapperar for months at a time?

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1. If it comes at all it would come 2-4 weeks post exposure and last 1-2 weeks
2. Could be a number of symptoms none of which are HIV specific
3. Like hives
4. No
5. No
6. No
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have rash on my chest 2 month after contact with a lady whose status is unknown. i also had a swallow nodes in my throats 2 days after contact, and in my groin two months later, although i use a condom we made oral sex, have tested negative 4 times within this two month period after contact. but when i press the rash a white thigh comes out like that of a pimples
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Please start your own thread.
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