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I've been fearful of HIV for a while. I haven't got the courage of going to the doctor and getting checked out. I recently have had some little small red pots on my skin. Now they are flat, they're not bumps, and they're sorta of  dark red and the look mostly like little spots.First I seen them right below my breast and even a couple on my breast. The next day they got lighter and the we're pretty much completely gone. Then i seen 2 of them together on my forehead and then i seen a few in my groin area. They look almost like blood clot spots or somthign like that because I squeezed the 2 that was on my forhead trying to see was it like a pimple and it made them redder instantly like it was a bruise or something. They dont hurt nor are they itchy. Does this sound like a rash that culd possibly be related to HIV.? i know i need to be tested i'm sure someone will say that, but if someone with some knowledge can help me out I would appreciate it. Thank u
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Did you have an exposure?
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If you think you had a risk. Get tested at your 3 month mark. Dont mess around.
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I had sex with a guy with a condom. When I turned around in the doggy style position I noticed a change in feeling. It took me about mmmm a min to think to myself "pull fwd". So when I pulled forward to get him out of me he was ejaculating in his hand. He took the condm off without me knowing when I was turned around. How great at rsk is that. I understand i need to get tested, but i'm asking specific questions and thats what I wanted answer. this is a forum right> Not being rude but i just want my question answered.
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