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Can a HIV rash occur on the chest as a red blotch with lots of small pimples?

& Can it exist alone, without other HIV symptoms?
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Yes to your first question and highly unlikely to your second question.What was your exposure?
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Thanks... well around June I had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex.. where my partner's cum got into my mouth. Ever since, I hav been VERY VERY worried that I may hav contracted the virus.

I have the rash on my chest, the pimples are very small. I also have very small unusual bumps on my hand.

I have no other symptoms on HIV
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You never has a risk of hiv infection from the situation you describe.Other STD,s maybe but not hiv.Please learn to except the facts and let this go.Its causing you stress for no good reason.
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Thanks again.. I going for a HIV test 2mrw hopefully... just to be sure
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Expect a negative result then.
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I went for the test 2day and it came out NEGATIVE :D ...I guess it was anxiety/stress causing the 'symptoms'.

I am very relieved now.. Thanks everyone
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