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I am a male and I met another male we had oral sex without a condom. Pre cum involved but not finished in mouths.

Do I have a risk off hiv a lot of Precum was present.

Please help or advice.

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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission. Presence of saliva inhibits the virus.

Testing is not recommended for this event.
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Thank you although my mouth was quiet dry and I have a slight wisdom tooth infection?
The assessment would remain unchanged. Not a risk.

Below are the potential list of risk in adults:
1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

2. Sharing needle with other people to inject drugs.
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It is not a risk for hiv .But it does put you at risk for many other sti's .Like klebsiella oxytoco,hhv6,ebv,pseudomonasand a host of other bacterial and viral infections wich can cause serious illnesses and health conditions.once you have these Sti's your risk for contracting Hiv increases.
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Never heard of these! How can I test for these now ?
There is an std forum for info on that. Oral is never a risk so can't increase when you have other diseases.
You can ask about std's on the std forum.  but with regards to HIV, this is not a threat of transmission.  HIV is transmitted in very specific ways that you didn't have.  Oral can be attributed to other std's especially if unprotected but it does not increase your risks of acquiring HIV during the encounter.  No risk for HIV from what you describe.
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