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Went to meet a csw.  A little scared since I was not wearing a condom, but we did not have penetrative sex for a long period.  She sat on top of me with my bare penis and may have penetrated an inch or two for about twenty seconds.  Is there a risk for HIV / STD?  I tested at six weeks and everything was negative for HIV, gonorrhea, syphyllis etc.. but last week I got pain in my hip and abdomen as well as groin muscle.  Would this be too late for symptoms of chlamydia or gonorrhea.  Do I need to retest for HIV / STD after the six week period
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Risk? Yeah sure.

Likely? no.

What was the test?? 4th gen? if so then that is conclusive after 4 weeks.

ARS normally starts within 2 weeks. 7 or 8 weeks is VERY late for this.
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It was a rapid test.  Not sure what generation it was.  I'm going to get tested again in two days ( 12 weeks ) just in case.  I am worried though.
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any thoughts?
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Get your test done for peace of mind.  You will be negative.  Your six week negative is very encouraging.  
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Thanks for the advice.  I'm past the  twelve week point.  Hoping I stay negative when I test tomorrow. Has anyone ever seen a 6 week test turn positive at twelve weeks?
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I've never heard of a 4 week 4th gen test turning into hiv at 12 weeks.
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I was negative on my 12 1/2 week test for HIV.  I still feel like it can be a false negative.  The nurse told me I'm good, but I might test again for assurance.  Thoughts?
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Test is conclusive
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I'll wait and see about testing in another month just to be sure.
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Man..I'm worried about HIV again.  I know I got the two tests done after (one at 6 weeks and one after 12 weeks).  I keep telling myself that it's conclusive, but I keep stressing about it.  I don't want to retest because I know its pointless.  any help?
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You did what you were suppose to do.  You had a risk (small from what you described) because the virus as I understand it lives deep.  And then the rest of the time you used a condom.   You are the insertive partner.  You tested twice.

So what can you do now? Nothing.  You've done all the right things. At 12 weeks you're clear.

If there was a case where a 12 week was negative and later someone tested positive, there would be people who would have heard about it on this board.

Has it happened. Yes, but it's so rare they write journal articles about it.  And how many journal articles have there been?  I only know of 2 cases.  

And  these cases were reported in an era when tests were not nearly as good.  Back then people were asked to test at 6 months and 1 year and told the earliest they could test is 3 months.

The tests today, people are told they can test as early as 4 weeks.  That's the kind of improvements that have occurred in testing.

And spread the word, get people to do 4th generation tests at a lab.  Specifically ask the doctor to do it.

Be well
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Thank you so much.  I'm trying to get over this scare.  I know it's irrational but I keep telling myself its over. I don't have HIV.  Maybe I need counseling or professional help.  Any suggestions?
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