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HIV RNA TMA and HIV 4 th generation combo

hey all. I had protected vaginal sex with a csw she was topping and even it didn't last for 3 minutes. I am sure that the condom didn't broke and it was intact to my penis. But it was the first sex for me in my life and the condom was put by csw. I am not sure wether it covered the foreskin under my penis it may be stupid question ever to ask I know but please answer it's like 40 th day after my sexual exposure which is hell like for me. I did HIV RNA TMA on 11 and 29 days which both came back negative and the test center claim that it is 99 conclusive after 29 days? Are they correct ? And even I had HIV 4 th generation duo test on 29 day which came back negative. How accurate it is ? What are the chances for me to turn positive on a test which I take at 3 monts? Please kindly answer this I am 22 year male and I don't want to end life with HIV . Please kindly reply. Thanks a lot
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Your duo test at 29 days is conclusive. Along with RNA test. That is not relevant because you used a condom and it didn't break. You had zero risk. There is zero chance. You don't have HIV.
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You never had a risk, and didn't need to get tested in the first place.
You don't need further testing.

Life doesn't end with HIV.
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I have seen in my website and pages that " most HIV specialist will consider HIV 4 th generation will be conclusive at 6 weeks " . What does they mean 80 per HIV specialist or 90 percent ?? And the AIDS VANCOVER which is HIV society they do service for free from Canada stated that 4 th generation test is not so conclusive at weeks and that starts that it is a good indicator of your status . Can you please tell me how far they are true?
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I mean AIDS VANCOVER from Canada stated that HIV 4 th generation at 4 weeks is not so concluisve
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The top 2 HIV experts in the US (Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook who have over 30 years experience in the field) and i'd say in the world and many others say it is conclusive at 4 weeks and have scientific data based on seroconversion panels to back it up. They have cared for thousands of patients and have never seen a 4 week duo turn positive. Ever. Agencies are conservative and haven't caught up with the advanced testing techniques used today.

It is never a bad thing to be conservative but it puts people at needless worry for more weeks than they have to.

AIDS Vancouver follows a guideline that is outdated and based on older tests and old data. Information is different everywhere. AIDS Vancouver says 6 weeks and yet CATIE (Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange says 3 weeks with negative duo is a very good indicator)

In 2014 the CDC released new guidelines stating if the initial HIV Duo is negative no more testing is necessary.

Whether its 4 weeks or 6 weeks it makes no difference. You did not have a risk.

The Duo test is 99.8 percent accurate at 4 weeks. Told directly by 2 HIV experts.

Everybody has different opinions and being conservative is not a bad thing.

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We're not doctors here, but from a medical standpoint the DUO doesn't detect antigen in HIV-2 and only relies on the detection of antibodies for this type. That is why people who are super-conservative, including me, advise testing at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks antibodies for both HIV1  and HIV-2 will definitely be detected.
Having said that, HIV-2 is very very rare and less infectious, and at around 3 weeks when the DUO is usually supposed to be done, 90% of people would have antibodies for both types. That means you would have a 10% chance of getting something ((hiv-2)) that has a teeny weeny chance of being transmitted in the first place.

So, it's basically a matter of opinion. Personally, I would go for the 12-week mark.
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On line 6 and 7 of my previous comment, I meant to say "at around 4 WEEKS when the DUO is usually supposed to be done"
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i have come know that there are 3 different types of HIV 4 th generation duo like EIA, CMIA and other one. Does three all tests all have the same accuracy ? Or it differ form one test to other ?
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All are equally accurate. Just different testing methods.
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do HIV RNA TMA test is PCR RNA test? Or they are two different tests ?
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