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HIV RNA test at 16 days from STDCheck


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status a few weeks ago, and I purchased an HIV RNA test from STDCheck.  STDCheck's website states that an HIV RNA test is CONCLUSIVE at 9-11 days after exposure, but I can't find any other literature online echoing that claim. My test came back NEGATIVE at 16 days. Is it okay for me to put this behind me and move along with my life, or should I wait a few more days and get a 4th Gen test as well (and since I'm curious, how long is the window period for a 4th gen?)

Thank you for your time and for your guidance.
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The RNA test is 95 to 99% accurate at 9 to 11 days and after.  So, it's okay to take it at 16 days.  It's stands at 99% accurate at 28 days and beyond.  A 4th generation test is accurate at 28 days and beyond.  I think I'd trust your result.  A one time unprotected vaginal sex episode is very low risk in terms of percentage.  
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