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HIV Rapid Test in Toronto

I have been in a monogamous relationship with my fiance for over 5 years.  
Before getting married, I wanted to do a HIV test, so I went to Hassle Free Clinic in Toronto, downtown.
Person took me to a room and brought a small basket with INSTI labeled bag, yellow lancet, pipette, and few plastic bottles.  As he poked into my finger, I have noticed that there were some blood inside the basket (Basket had white paper tower on the bottom) and around top surface.  After he withdrew the blood, he took the kit outside and about a minute later, he came into the room and a white plate with a dot.  He told me that I am HIV -ve and I should not worry.
After I came out of the clinic, I started to get worried, since there were some blood on the paper towel and the basket.  I am worried that the tools (Lancet and Pipette) that he used got some blood of other patients.  

I would like to know if there is any risk of HIV from the use of HIV contaminated Lancet and/or Pipette.  
Do I have to wait another few months and have a test? or is this not a risk so we should not worry about this incident and live worry free?

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Yes, that was one of my concern too.. The reason for my anxiety is amplify due to his questionable practice.  Equipment (plate) was dirty, and also, he did not do the practice in front of me, which makes everything doubtful.
I will probably do the test in my family doctor's office 3~4 months later.
It will probably clear my mind of catching anything from this incident, plus, I can conclude my status.  In meanwhile, I will be extra careful with what I do, just in case, although I know it is not that easy to catch HIV.
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No need to worry, you are mostly alright but I am questioning the professionalism of the doc who did the test for you. Because here in Singapore, whenever anyone does the rapid test, they are shown their kit to confirm their results and clear any doubts they have. It would be better for you to actually redo the test at another place, hope this clears your doubts and worries. Cheers!
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Strange! On a test such as yours, you should see your result's come in front of you before your eye's.
I believe you are OK, but you might want a second opinion.
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