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Hello I am a 21yo male I had unprotected sex over 3 weeks ago, last week I developed a rash on my lower back it spread mostly over my whole back and a bit on my stomach and chest, I have no other symptoms but am wondering if this sounds like an HIV infection?
I am extremely distressed by this right now so any help would be appreciated
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You can never diagnosis HIV using symptoms. You should test at 3 months post the encounter for 100% conclusive result.
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I have booked the test but I just want to know if this sounds likely, I am really worried and would like to prepare myself for the result or try to get over it until the test if it doesnt sound like it...
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No it doesn't sound like ARS. You should be worried for not using a condom. Not just because of HIV but other STDs.
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A rash can be a rash and nothing more, many things can cause a rash.
I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best but that is me. I know others who always have a positive outlook on everything no matter what and I wish I was more like that because it would cause less anxiety in certain situations.
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thank you for your comments,
it was a first and last mistake I wont make again I am just hopeing I will be fine,
if anyone knows what this rash sounds like or has any other comments about it possibly being hiv (or not being hiv) I would greatly appreciate them, I know that I can only be sure through a test but the 3 month period is a ways off...
my rash is small red dots with little bumps, there are two patches one on the left and one of the right of my lower back and then dispursed across my back and a few of them on my stomach and chest
thanks again,
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get yourself tested for other std as well.........precisely syphilis
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