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HIV Rash Appearance

Can HIV Rash present itself like a spider bite on top of your hand or your ankle?  Or is it always similar to measles where there is a Hugh red area with slightly raised bumps all over the body?
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First off, what was your risk?

Second, if you ARE HIV+, are you on treatment?

To answer your question in general an HIV rash typically appears as a red, flattened area on your skin, usually covered with small red bumps. A main symptom of the rash is itchiness. It can show up on any part of your body, but it most often occurs on the face and chest, but can appear on the hands and feet.

Please consider having your doctor or a dermatologist look at your rash.  
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Don't know if I am or not. Im curious which is why I came here.  Is hives similar to his rash? Sometimes I'll have random patches on my back show up then usually disappear within the hour, usually it's after a hot shower, is that just hives or is I hiv rash? Does hiv rash appear and then disappear in segments like that or is it chronic and stay for a while consistently won't going away?
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Risk I was very very brief vaginal unprotected along with oral with a girl who was a friend of a friend. She claims she doesn't have anything
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If you were having ARS symptoms your rash would of been accompanied by a fever and extremely sore throat. HIV rash wouldn't disappear within an hour or reappear. The rash would last about a week. When you say disappear within the hour and after a hot shower strongly suggests its just skin irritation and not at all related to HIV rash.
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You did have a risk since it was unprotected. However people don't usually lie about their status. It is advised to have an HIV duo test 4 weeks or more after the exposure. If it is negative you are in the clear as Dr. Handsfield (Top HIV expert in the world) has stated duo tests are 100 percent conclusive 4 or more weeks after exposure.
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