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HIV Rash and Itchy Skin

Hello guys,

I posted the other day very worried of contracting HIV from unprotected vaginal sex.

3 and half weeks have now passed,and starting to get itchy skin? Feels warm. No spots or marking,or any blemishes.

Just feels slightly itchy.

Is this a common symptom?

I haven’t really got a fever,a sore throat or anything else.

Just ache abit and have had  diarrhoea for past week. But that is getting better today.

Thank you  
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Had my 4week test results today. NEGATIVE!

OMG! The stress I’ve put my body through,and the weight I’ve lost because of it! Such a relief, abd starting to feel better already.

Thank you everyone. Always going to use condoms now and have safe sex.
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Thank God! Be careful from now on! Thanks for updating us! The mind is very powerful and is a double-edged sword.
God has nothing to do with this. It's science. Precisely, laws of probability. His risk was low, we knew it's going to be negative. Also, symptoms were psychosomatic.
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5 weeks have now passed.
Today started to get slight fever,felt tired and lymph glands swell up abit. Still have itchy skin.
Do seroconversion symptoms come and go? I thought typically they all hit you at once? Then filter out as you produce anti bodies.
To say I’m worried is an understatement. I’m petrified and convinced I have HIV!!!
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HIV is never diagnosed through symptoms, as they can be confusing and non-specific. You should test using a 4rd generation ag/ab tect 28 days after the exposure.
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I done a test yesterday so just waiting for the results,be 4 weeks after exposure.
So anxious atm! Started to get a sore throat and had night sweats last night. So I’m pretty worried!
But I know anxiety causes a lot of symptoms too!!!!
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Please post your results! Praying you are negative!
I’m still waiting for the results.
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Stop burning mid night oil reading about HIV on the internet. Everything you write here is a derivative of too much reading online.

Get a duo at 28 days and come back to post your negative.
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Hello. Well I’m extreemely worried and very anxious. I can’t concentrate.
I keep checking my skin for obvious  signs of Rash.  
Just my body itches. Neck,back,Chest,and arms. And my legs too! But there isn’t any red dots,or bumps,or anything!
Went swimming and the choline made it super itchy.
See a therapist for your obsession. GuitarRox has already provided you the odds of transmission in your case, the chances of you dying in a car accident tonight is higher than acquiring this virus.

STOP reading online about symptoms and imagining them on yourself. Seek help. Take it easy. Get tested at 28 days, it going to be alright.
It’s very true! This is exactly what I’m doing. I don’t mean to but I guess we are all the same when we worry.
I’ve learnt so much about HIV.
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I don't remember your post but imagine that if you had a risk of unprotected sex and it is legit, then you were told to test at 28 days.  Until that test, you can't judge anything by symptoms.  Lots of things cause what people 'think' are early HIV symptoms so doctors base nothing on that and neither do we.  Test with a 4th gen duo so you can move on and remember that a one time unprotected vaginal exposure has a less than 2 percent chance of transmission.  Very unlikely to have happened, in other words.
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I’m still awaiting my test results but getting very very anxious!!! I can concentrate at work or try and forget about it.
And no matter what,if I think about it I start concentrating on certain Symptoms.
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Was she csw?
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No, just a 22 year old white girl.
Very unlikely to have had HIV then. Really, don't focus on symptoms.  Take your test at 28 days, expect negative, get negative and then move on.  Use condoms.  
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