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HIV Rash

I would like clarification on HIV rashes.  I can't find any concrete information.  Does the rash itch?  How does it look?  Where is it on the body?  Is it intense or just a simply rash thats not at all painful and barely noticeable, just itchy? In my case its all over my body, especially on my legs.  It would be my first symptom 14 weeks after my possible exposure along with diarrhea.  Does that sound like it could possibly be HIV?  Also, does diarrhea usually come with it?  I don't know any other reason I could have a rash AND diarrhea other than HIV.  The rash has been going on for four days and is not almost gone.  So how long does the rash last?  Would this really be my first HIV symptom after 14 weeks? COULD THIS BE ANOTHER STD SYMPTOM? Please help me out :)
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Have you had an exposure?
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you have previously been told that an ars rash does not itch, that ars symptoms dont start at 14 weeks AND that the only way to know your status is by testing.
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Yep.  Test now to know your status.  Do not rely on symptoms.  ARS if it happens at all happens 2-4 weeks post infection and lasts from 1-2 weeks.
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