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HIV Rash

Test negative at 6 weeks or 41 days with a rapid test and the blood test. However at about week seven i have been getting these little red dots sporadic all over my arms, legs and thighs, buttock and on nose and face.  Each day i get about 6  or more new ones. Was my 6 week test incorrect and does the rash grow each day sporadic or all in one day and in clusters. Mine are spread  not really clusters. Please any information that is factual is help. I am really worried,
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Look at the Doctor's response about test windows.  Hope all clears up.
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Thanks for the link I did read Dr. Edwards reply. I don't doubt the professional opion of all the wonderful doctors who contribute their expertise.  But being the one that keeps getting these red dots a few each day after week 7 and after testing neg at 6 weeks or 41 days for a rapid test and the blood test. I guess i am just seeking all the inforation i can get and thope these red dots that appear each day have nothing to do with HIV in any form. Thanks for your reply and time. All info is welcomed.
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ars symptoms...IF ONE EVEN EXPERIENCES THEM...come at 2-4 weeks post exposure...NOT 7 weeks.  symptoms come at once...not something one day...and something else the next day.

your "symptoms" are NOT hiv related.

if you had unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse or shared iv drug works...you will need to test at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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I have read the 2 -4 weeks and there are of course topics that say that everyone is different and that at 8 weeks one can still possibly get the rash.  What no one seems to mention is if the rash occurs like all at once or gradually starts to flourish over a period of a week or days.  Then some post say usally at the upper torso, the chest area, face, and rarely the extremities.  While others say it can occor on the legs and thighs an buttocks. I get tested again on Aug 20 which will be 13 weeks from the encounter and hope it is still negative then.  Your reply does help  and hope that is the case that i dont have it.  I am accurate on the times as the encounter was Sat May 22, 10
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I have the some damned doubt about this damned ARS time frame. grrrr

Some source tells ARS come between 1 and max 4 weeks after the potential exposure, other that ARS can come even at the 6 week!
I need precision here! grrrr

Because between 4 weeks and 6 weeks there are two weeks in the middle and it's not a small thing.

Please clarify well this point!

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I appreciate all the info people provide. But I believe like a doctor replied that the confusion is most people dont know the exact date of the encounter..  Therefore , the 4 to 6 weeks, but like u i see other med sites say you can get it at 8 week or longer.  More confusion.  I know for a fact encounter was sat may 22 ,hiv rapid test and blood hiv test were July 2 and the results were negative on both blood and rapid test. But one week after the encouter i notice these pimple like cluster on both above the knee area.  Then at week 7 each day i start noticing a few red like dots showing up  here and there on my arms one or two, legs three on the buttocks and each day a few here and there. A reply from a nice member said it does not (the rash) sprout a few each day. But still seek all answers that anyone would like to provide from what they know about time frame on the rash.
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Don't chase the symptoms, they are tricky and cause you to look for every change in your body. I learned that stress and HIV have many symptoms in common.

I had every symptom in the book, and I still test negative :) (11 weeks). all the consultants i saw say that i am in the clear, i have 4 more days for my planned 12 weeks test.

My recommendation, the 6 weeks test is promising and very unlikely to change, take the test at 8 weeks and repeat it at 12 just to ease your mind. I trust all will be negative.

I am not an expert, but a very worried person like you, and symptoms made me live very bad times.

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What was your exposure?
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See HIV ANXIETY by LIZZIE LOU, I bieleve she is totally correct:

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