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HIV Rash?

Hi there,

Lemme get to the point. Last wednesday I had unprotected sex in the afternoon with an unknown lady. I know I've put myself at risk and need to get tested after 3 months. I've read that chances for contracting HIV from a single experience is very low and I'm was kinda chilled. nevertheless, I'm gonna test..

Anyway, Last sunday morning ( 4 days later) , I developed a sore throat. It was kinda irritating. Not very painful though. That night, I felt a slight pain-like sensation on my upper back, behind my right shoulder, three pimple looking like red bumps!! I then totally freaked out!!

I squeezed one of them and pus came out and little blood came out of the other.. Is this characteristic of a HIV rash? Could you please tell me more about HIV rash?

I know that symptoms mean nothing and I need to test.. But if you could tell me that this was not a HIV rash, I would kinda be calm until I reach the three month mark.

Help me out! I read Teak saying somewhere in the forum that HIV rash is not a pus filled rash? Is this entirely true? cos I read in an other website that pus can come outta a HIV rash! Please help me!  
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well !!! an important thing you should know that the HIV takes along time to start the disease , not less than 3 months , because this virus needs time to act on the human body ,sometimes it takes 10 years , so 4 days is very unlikely to start the symptoms of AIDS , although the rash is one of the first symptoms , so you can be calm now , these pus-filled rash that you have is most likely to be acne caused by the depression or fear that you are having right now

and just so you know there's nothing characteristic for HIV rash because this rash is not caused by the HIV itself .... it could be from any other bacterial or viral or most likely fungal infection that can take the opportunity of the immno-suppressed HIV patient .... but of the most important is the oral rash on the lips and inside the mouth and it's not full of pus ....

so you can be calm now .... and DON'T HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX AGAIN !!! :)
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Symptoms or lack of will never tell you anything about your status. You can obtain your conclusive test result 3 months post exposure.
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