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HIV Rash

Dear Dr.

I had an encounter 3 weeks sgo. 2 days ago i started developing rash on both of my hands.
1. does hiv rash itches? mine don't itch at all
2. if it is HIV rash, If i test now, would the antibody test come positive?
3. My profile picture is a pictur eof the rash i am having. does it look lik ean HIV rash?

Thank you very much.
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Hiv rash does not itch but it also does not appear on the hands. It ALWAYS comes with a high fever and often a VERY sore throat.

What was your exposure?
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That is not correct. Rashes do not always come with HIV fever. HIV has no specific symptoms.
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Dear teak,
I can see from your posts that you have wide knowledge about the disease.
Please tell me, does the rash in the picture look like an hiv rash?
Also, i did have the flu and sore throat for 4 days, no fever though, the flu cleared up in 4 days using  a medicine, to treat the nasal congestion, and strepsils lozenges for the throat. No antibiotics involved.

Do these symptoms sound like ARS symptoms? And if they are, would a test come positive 3 weeks post exposure?

Thanks a lot  
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no it is not typical of ars rash.

what exactly was your "encounter" ?
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Hello lizzie,
It was vaginal sex with a CSW. Protected, but i forgot to test the condom with water after removing it to check if it was still ok. She performed oral on me with the condom on then i penetrated her with the same condom, and that's why I am a little concerned, if her teeth caused any small hole or tear in the condom.
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you dont have a test a condom with water...condom failure is catastrophic...nothing you have to guess about.

you had NO risk
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thanks lizzie,

i am pretty sure i should be fine, I am not obsessive about it, I mean i am living my life normally, however, just to get that extra piece of mind, I am trying to know, in general, if someone has ARS symptoms, does the antibody test come back positive even if the encounter was 3 weeks ago?
testing is available, and easily accessable for me.
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I said the fever comes with the rash, not the other way around.
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I really appreciate your replies, but none has answered my question yet,
if someone has ARS symptoms, does the antibody test come back positive even if the encounter was 3 weeks ago?

thank you
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that is a broad question.  

how does someone know that they are having true ars symptoms, when in fact, ars symptoms are the same symptoms as every day common illnesses.

so what if you have a common cold, fever, etc and you ASSUME they are ars symptoms.  you test negative at 3 weeks.  are you going to rely on those results?

the only way to know your status is by testing.  the only way to know that you had true ars symptoms is when you get a positive test result.
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dear lizzie,
of course i will not rely on them as being conclusive negative results, but at least i can rely on them to make sure that the cold and rash i had are NOT ARS symptoms, cant i?
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IF a person is experiencing TRUE ARS related symptoms, they will usually test + very soon after the onset of the symptoms.  

But, because, like lizzie and teak stated, HIV symptoms are extremely unreliable, they are never used in calculating risk.  Typically, the only way a person can be diagnosed as having had ARS symptoms is after they test positive.  Then, the symptoms the person had prior to the + result can usually be assumed to be ARS.  So, the process works in reverse, the symptoms aren't relevant until there is a + test.

You have ZERO to worry about, you never had a risk for HIV, therefore any "symptoms" you had are not related to HIV in any way.
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thanks a lot, your answer is what i am looking for to hear.

thank you.
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