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HIV Rash.


I'm just curious about what an HIV rash looks like. Also, is it possible for an HIV rash to present itself in just the face without any other of symptoms of ARS? One more thing, is it common for an ARS rash to not itch?
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Hi, we advise risk issues here. What was your risk?
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A few weeks ago, I had unprotected sexual contact with a woman who I'm not sure of her HIV status. Since then, I have shown some signs of this weird cold which lasted only one day which I guess is going around right now. I have also noticed these blotchy spots on my face which are not going away. I'm starting to become very concerned about this and I still have to go see the doctor as I am not within the time frame to get tested. Thank you.
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ARS does not happen with one sign or symptom it comes in a group and last 1-2 weeks.
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In these situations testing at the 3 months mark would confirm your status. Hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms but by testing. I dont mean to be abrupt but discussing symptoms could lead to a never ending post.
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Okay cool. So, if I were to show any symptoms like a rash, it would be accompanied by other symptoms. What publication is this information from?
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Google it.
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