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HIV Rash?

Hi, 3 weeks ago I had protected sex with an escort, and again last week. On Saturday I noticed a red rash of small bumps on my upper chest on only the left side. They don't have white heads or anything like that, just red bumps. It's only itchy when I wake up, but seems to be spreading since Saturday.

I also noticed another rash on the top of my hands which I noticed around Friday. These ones look like pimples and are not as red as the one on my chest. I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow, but do I have anything to worry about? Or is this something serious?

Thanks for any help
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Hi, your symptoms are not from hiv as you never had exposure.
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Thank you for your response, but can you please explain what you mean?

I should also note that I have not been experiencing any other symptoms like headaches, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, etc.

And that my skin is brown, from what I understand the color of the HIV rash changes depending on the color if your skin, mine rash is very red
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HIV is a risk with unprotected insertive vaginal/anal sex not protected. It gets in via the urethra and if covered it cant get in.
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