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HIV Rash?

I have posted my exposure about unprotected oral, and a guy rubbing his penis by my anal canal with no penetration and naked spooning. I was advised no risk but I have been having this burning rash on my chest that is red for about a week, at the 2.5 week mark from the incident. I have had no appetite and am convinced this must be ARS. How could this not be an exposure I just know my 3 month test will tell me otherwise. The rash does seem to be less intense sometimes and more intense at others. It is at its brightest red when I am wearing a shirt, and seems to almost vanish when I am not wearing a shirt but still slightly red. I am freaking out.
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As long as there is no penetration you will never have a risk. Testing is not warranted. But if you cannot move on get tested expect it to be negative. And if you comeback to post new "symptoms" don't get tested if you like. Then get back here if you want to post the results.
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What do you mean by don't get tested if you like?
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The ARS rash does not occur alone, it only happens with the flu like symptoms. It does not itch and covers the body like measles and other viral poxes.
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Sorry i meant go tested if you like.
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Okay thanks guys I'm just so freaked because I feel like all my symptoms just happened to show up at the exact right times, I have never cought myself with a fever but like two weeks before the rash I had body aches and joint pain, no appetite and then one night the rash just showed up and then kind added then came back, then lasted a day or two then added. Idk if its anxiety causing all this or the heart, or ARS.
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*kind of added
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