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HIV Rash

Hi all, I had a protected anal sex (I am bottom) in January 9 2018 but I am not sure the condom broken or not. About 9 days later I developed one red bump around my armpit and itch. Two days later another red itchy bump showed up and so on until total about 7 red bumps on my right arm and 4 red itchy bumps (in my thigh and foot). All gone after several week with cream. I also have swollen knee for about several days. In week 8 after exposure, 4 red itch bumps showed up again in my right arm. I believe I have no fever, severe sore throat. I was so scared, please help. Thanks in advance. X
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If a condom fails, then it is a large rip down the seam and hangs in tatters so both of you would know very quickly. Obviously that didn't happen,so you can move on from HIV fears.
Hi AnxiousNoMore, thanks for your answer. What do you mean by "that didn't happen"? How about my rash, because I just found online a person with HIV+ have rash on his leg and arm that itch like crazy. Thanks in advance.
1 Reread about tatters.
2 You don't have HIV just because that guy you read about had a rash and HIV.
I meant to say this in the first advice.

If a condom fails, then it is a large rip down the seam and the condom hangs in tatters so both of you would know very quickly.
Thanks buddy, I'd like to if my rash related to HIV or not? And is that true that fever will alwats occur in ARS stage? As its natural body response to virus. Thanks
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