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HIV Risk & Gonnorhea

Hi everyone, iam male from indonesia.
On April 6, I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman, one week later I was infected by gonorrhea. then 6 weeks later I did an HIV test called CMIA in a lab in my city, the results came back negative. Then, 4 weeks later after first test (10 weeks after exposure) I returned to test using the rapid test gen3 (sd bioline) the results returned negative.
are the results conclusive? can I move on and forget about HIV?
Thanks for your advice.
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I know you have things you are worried about but why aren't you believing your tests that HIV isn't one of them?  Your tests indicate you do not have HIV.  
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Bcause every month i have oral ulcer. Every month till now after that exposure. That make me can't accept my negative result.
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Yes, you should accept your result and work towards moving on with your life.

You don't have HIV and don't need to test any more.
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Mike, thanks for your answer.
But.. since that exposure, every month till now, i have mouth ulcer/sore. Every month till now, that made me scared and think this is cause of HIV.
Your have tested negative and that's what you need to believe. Oral ulcers are classic anxiety symptom.

When you are anxious, your mouth tends to dry up which leads to ulcer.  

Please see a therapist if you are unable to accept your result, work with a professional to figure out the real cause of your anxiety - probably it is guilt or fear, which in either case has nothing to do with HIV.
Thanks mike.
Every that oral ulcer come, iam begin scared again. But, i will try to fight that.
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