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HIV Risk? On PreP

I am a 28 year old gay male. I have been on PreP for nearly a year now and have never missed a dose. I was put on PreP after my former partner was HIV+. We never had unprotected anal sex.

Fast forward -- I have began dating someone new recently and he has said that he is HIV negative. A fool who fell "in love", I began to have consistent unprotected sex with him (mostly me being insertive--only receptive once. During the receptive sex, a small amount of semen may have gotten inside of me).

I asked him to get a test but we have since broken up, so I have not been able to get his results. I worry he did not actually get tested and may be aware that he is positive, just doesn't want to tell me.

Assuming he is HIV+, what are my chances of infection? I maintained taking PreP daily -- if he is positive, he is not taking medication to my knowledge. Thank you!
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You have no reason to believe he is positive so I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about that. Just take a duo test a month after you stopped having relations or any other after 12 weeks.
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Thank you! Given my consistent use of PreP, would you think theres a high likely hood I was not infected?
Just test instead of guessing. The chance of infection is zero if he is negative.
I will get tested, of course...but my concern is that Prep could delay seroconversion, or so I've read on here.
You have to discontinue PrEP and get tested at 28 days from the date of discontinuation with a duo for a reliable result. If you intend to seek 100% conclusive result, you must test at 6 weeks with a duo or at 8 weeks with any standard HIV antibody test. The aforementioned timeline is from the date of discontinuation of PrEP.

Some studies suggest that if you take PrEP consistently, it provides maximum protection in blood at 20 days, in rectal tissue at about 7 days, and in vaginal tissues at about 20 days.

Effectiveness of PrEP is said to be about 90% in preventing transmission if taken consistently.

Thank you! The exam I have ordered states this, but doesn’t specifically say DUO. Can you tell me if this is the correct exam to order after 4 weeks/28 days after stopping prep.

Quest Test
Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 and 2 (HIV-1/2) Preliminary Blood Test (4th generation)
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Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for antigen/antibody screen for HIV-1/O/2 with reflex to supplementary differentiation assay for HIV-1 or HIV-2. Specimens positive by the screening assay but negative by the supplementary antibody typing assay will reflex to qualitative nucleic acid amplification (NAA).
4 gen is duo.
It is the test to take at 28 days. This test will perform an examination of antibody to HIV 1 and 2 and HIV 1 - p24 antigen. It also has a subordination of an RNA test, it will only be done if there is a requirement for it.
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