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HIV Risk and Status after few months

Hello Dr,

I am a male. I have a unportected Anal sex for 2 minutes with an unknown person whose HIV status not known. After 2 weeks of this exposure I got severe cold, cough and Sore throat and a rash (little long about 4 CM) on right shoulder near neck.

The cold and sore throat gone in 3-4 days. But my cough lasted for some 2 weeks.

I was very worried and after doing spending some time in internet, I have taken a VIDA HIV DUO ULTRA test (ELFA Method, Serum) on 44th day of the exposure and the result was Non-Reactive, but no value was mentioned in the report. Not sure this is 3rd or 4th generation test.

The blood was taken from my vein on hand. It was night when the blood was taken and the Lab person told the sample has to go to their main LAB which is about 20 KM distance. I got the report next day evening around 6 PM. My blood sample was lying in the collection centre whole night and next day morning only it went to the Main Lab for testing.

So will it affect the accuracy of the test ?

I have taken a Rapid test at 132nd day of the exposure to cover the 3 months Window Period. It was ICT Metod (Immunochromatographic) on Serum and the device used was Alere Determine HIV1/2.

Here again the blood was taken from my vein on hand in the collection center and went to another LAB for the rapid test. I got the result after 4 hours. I believe rapid test should be taken from fingerprick and the result should be available within 30 min.

Since I am not convinced with Rapid test the way it has been taken as I described above, On day 140, I went to another LAB where they are conducting the HIV tests. It was HIV DUO test (CMIA) method taken on Serum. They said it is 4th Generation test.

The result was Non-reactive.

So may I ask the tests which I have taken are correct and accurate/reliable ? Are my reports are conclusive ?

I heard 4th generation tests look for both Antigen as well as Antibodies. May I ask you any possibility there the 4th gen test can not detect both Antigens and Antibodies? Or is it like either one of them will be alwasy detectable with the test ?

One more thing I would like to highlight is I am taking anti-epileptic drugs (Keppra 500MG and Oxetol 300Mg (Oxcarbazepine)) for  last 2 years for siezure treatment. Wiil these drugs affect the serconversion window or accuracy of the test ?

Can I take I am 100% safe from HIV ? Or do I need to take any other HIV tests ? Can I take unprotected sex with my wife ?

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So while you did have a risk and needed testing, you have done it.  Your DUO is conclusive (the 4th generation you took). You are negative and yes, you can resume relations without worry with your wife.  Time to move on.
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Thanks for your feedback.  So when you say DUO is conclusive , is it the test which I took on 44th day or 140th day? Is there any chance that both antigen and antibodies can not be detected  by these tests? Or those drugs which I mentioned above can delay seeoconversion time. I have not tested for other STIs. So if I am infected with any other STIs or hep C then any chance antibodies not created? If that is the case then antigens will be present in the blood which can still be detected in these tests? Sorry I am asking more questions on anxiety and curiosity.
Late seroconversion is a myth and you already mentioned the meds once. std is irrelevant to HIV since you are conclusive. Duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so it is time to move on from HIV as Guitar advised.
Thanks much... Much relieved now
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Little late coming in my mind. What about HIV-2? I believe the DUO test only has antigen test for HIV-1. So the DUO or rapid tests which I have taken will cover HIV-2 also? And also HIV-2 serconversion window is same as HIV-1?  3 months window is sufficient for HIV-2 too?
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Anyone please provide your feedback please ? Little anxious about HIV-2 part. I am from India and I have seen some reports on internet on HIV-2 infections reported in India. Also the 4th Gen tests (CMIA methods and the ELFA methods) cover HIV2 too ?

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You answered your own question:
"the device used was Alere Determine HIV1/2. "

That's what the "2" means.  You don't have HIV.  It's time to forget about this event and move on.
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Thanks for your feedback. Much relieved.

But after being relaxed for some days, again my hiv thoughts started worrying me and I started  searching internet again although I never wished that. But could not stop that.

So 2 more things worrying me now:

1. Are these HIV DUO tests taken (Vidas HIV DUO Ultra (ELFA) and (CMIA) - Architecct(Ag/AB) will cover all HIV1/2  subtypes and strains. Since I am from India any rare strains which cant be detected by these methods ?

2. I see some reports say if a person infected with  Hepatits C, it may delay antibody creation for HIV. Is it true ?

I really apologize for more posts.  I am passing through painful days nowadays.

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Your test was conclusive as our members have stated.  We wish you well and are closing this post.  

***  thread closed ***
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