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HIV Risk from Sex with a prostitue

I met a prostitute. She was not a professional one but one private. She was of age 23-27. I had unprotected oral sex with her two times. Vaginal sex was protected with condom. Can some one please let me know what are my risks of contracting HIV. The incident happened 15 days back. Also I licked her vagina at two times and i could feel some of her vaginal fluids on my tounge.
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Receiving oral sex from that lady never exposed you to HIV, the same as licking her vagina. HIV is not able to infect once it has been exposed to air or saliva. But oral sex can expose you to other STDs. Check the STDs forum  to get information about that.

The vaginal intercourse was protected, which means you didn't have any risk. Condom do their job.
Can I be 100% sure that I have not contracted HIV in these two catchups?
I am having super anxiety from last two weeks. I am scared to go for HIV testing as well. Is my chance still zero if she has HIV ? Also its zero or close to zero.
Also I have some pain in my throat today since morning.
HIv is never diagnosed through symptoms, but even if it were, you didn't have any risk, so whatever you have is not produced by HIV. Visit your doctor to overcome your problems. NO test for HIV is needed.
I have seen some sites which says that there have been cases and are possibility to get HIV from oral sex.
A lot of sites talk about theoretical risks that have never result in a single infection.
Even if there is transfer of body fluids in mouth during licking or kissing?
Kissing you only exchange saliva, which is a fluid unable to transmit HIV. Actually, it does right the opposite, which is neutralizing the virus. When you licked her vagina, her fluid got in touch with your saliva, which neutralized the virus (in the case she were HIV+ which would be rare itself). Saliva contains at least 12 chemical compounds that neutralized the virus. Obviously mouth and saliva are thought to protect us from infections in general.
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Today I am having difficulty in swallowing. Is this a symptom of HIV
No risk=no disease= no need to test.

You are likely so anxious that you are over-examining your body in fear looking for clues that you are dying -
but you aren't so you need to accept that and relax.
Your problem isn't disease, it is fear of disease so if you can't accept that see docfor for a talk and perhaps also a therapist because your situation is straightforward with zero risk.
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I hope what ever you are saying is correct?
Can this be tested at day 21 with conclusive results?
You did not have a risk and you do not need to test.  ANY test you take at ANY time will be accurate, and negative.

For people who had a risk, a 4th generation test is conclusive around 28-42 days.  You did not have a risk and testing would be a waste of time.
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