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HIV Risk through Blood Glucose Meter Strip Reuse


Last week I took a CBG blood glucose test. I ensured the lancet was new. It was uncapped and it was new.

However, I didn't know about the strip on the glucose meter. I was scared since that it could have been reused and I felt like I saw either blood or blood stains on it.

The same day and the next, I asked the doctor and they said that the meter would not work on used strips. They said that it would either show the past reading or (and the nurses who often used the meter said) would show an error message.

However, I've been scared a bit since. So, my questions are as below:

1) Is there any possibility of transmission though blood, though it is exposed to air for a few seconds and I had to press on the same spot with a pin prick?

2) Is it possible if the blood was dry?

3) Is it possible if it was still not dry and if it still remained in liquid form?

4) Is HIV not transmitted even if it is still in drops of blood and if exposed to air only for a few seconds and not minutes?

5) Does HIV in blood have to be exposed to air for a few minutes to become untransmittable and not seconds?

6) Are seconds of exposure of infected blood enough to deactivate the virus and prevent transmission?

7) Do I have any sort of risk from this incident requiring testing?

These are all I want to know. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you :)

PS: I also hope it is understood that my concerns are about if a strip is reused. Thank you all once again :)
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You have already been advised face to face by 2 medical professionals so it is abnormal for you to continue searching for ways they could have infected you. You don't have any medical training so if you are still worried that they don't know how to do their job then you need to see a therapist for more direct one on one discussion that you do not know how to do their job .
So, does that mean this isn't a risk? That this incident won't transmit? I don't need to fear nor test, even if I came into contact with blood on the strip?
You need to ask yourself why you don't believe the doctor and nurse. Because of that, I don't know why you think that you will believe anyone on a forum.
I sort of understand but a straight answer will be of more help
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No, this is not a risk at all.  The meter wouldn't work on used strips and air inactivates the virus anyway so dried blood is never a risk.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  
Thank you :)
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