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Deep kissed an unknown girl & got oral herpes outbreak shortly after. Between 2 & 3 weeks after exposure got, sore throat, pus filled gums making difficult to eat & chest rash(which lasted for a week). Do you think this is an HIV situaton?
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You won't contract HIV from kissing but as you are already aware you got oral herpes so next time look at the womans mouth & lips before you kiss her.
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Thanks for the response. I did not get the Oral lesion cultured as I was away from humanity but the doctor said it was herpes when I talked to him upon returning. I wanted to ask if simultaneous acquasition of herpes increase hiv risk. I mean does a person need to have open cold sore before the event for hiv to make space into the skin break or simultaneous infection can occur.

This part is confusion because from what I have read on the forum, the hiv virus becomes ineffective outside the body. So, if a person gets both herpes and hiv virus rubbed onto the lips while kissing, the chance of hiv infection will completely depend upon how soon the herpes drill into the skin and create an opening.

It will be great if you can out your thoughts on this.

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That's not true because saliva renders the HIV virus inactive & therefore unable to infect you.
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OK. but, why am I getting very bad sore throat and chest rashes 3 weeks after the episode. Do you think I should go to dentist and get my oral health checked. I do have a bad case of wisdom tooth which might cause doorway for infecion.

Also, do you think my oral lesion could be from the genital type herpes which might increase my HIV chances. I mean it is good if  the oral breakout was from oral type only but maybe a cause of worry if oral breakout was from genital type.

I guess too early to get the test done for typecasting lip herpes. So, what you suggest my friend.
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I suggest you forget about HIV testing because any test you have for this encounter will be negative & a waste of money & time.
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You have no risk for HIV, and unfortunately, there may not always be something to "see" as far as herpes goes.  You can still get herpes from someone if you don't see any visible lesions.

Post your questions about herpes in our herpes forums.  There are things you need to know, and there are very clear differences between oral and genital herpes (HSV I and HSV II).  They will be able to break it all down for you!
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