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10 days ago I got drunk and let a man give me oral sex.  I also gave him oral sex briefly before realizing what I was doing and stopping.  Neither one of us ejaculated in either mouths.   What is the risk in my situation?  I have been reading about the symptoms,  and 4 days after this happened I developed flu like symptoms(extreme fatigue, headaches, low grade fever 99.5, sore throat.)  I went to the doctor shortly after and was prescribed Clindamycin 300 mg, 3 times a day for 10 days to clear up a throat infection.   I just took the last of my antibiotic last night. I am still feeling a bit fatigued.  And get headaches,  but mostly when I think about the mistake I made.  The sore throat is gone.I guess my other question would be if this antibiotic would have been enough to clear any other STD that I was at risk of?  Thanks in advance.
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I made a mistake on first post.  It's been 17 days since my exposure.
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You didn't have a risk.
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Thanks for your response Teak.  I forgot to mention in my post that the oral sex was unprotected.   Would that have made a huge difference in my risk?
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Thanks Teak. =)
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I hate to keep beating at this, but I just remembered something else about the incident.  I had shaved my groin and testicles about 30 minutes before this all happened.  I am going to go get tested for the other STD's that I was at risk of getting this saturday,  and wanted to make sure that HIV test would not be necessary.  Thanks in advance Teak.  
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