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I went to a massage parlour in Kualalumpur on Dec 21, 2019, the masseuse was Thai lady. She told me has a baby. Status unknown.
1. Finger cuticle cut previous day, fingered her and there was ejaculation, wiped it with a towel. All this while I had my briefs on.
2. I had bleeding gums, sucked her nipples, as she has a baby might be lactating, not really sure if there was any secretion that entered my mouth.
3. I had sensitive skin from the previous day where I had applied Veet for my pubic hair. Used my other hand to masturbate, and wiped with the same towel as her.
No sex was involved.

I got a 4th gen combo test at day 15,negative.
Sore throat and cough at day 15, used antibiotics clarithryomycin for a week, symptoms subsided.
Now, I have an ulcer on both sides of my tongue, white coloured tongue(thrush).

I would like to know if precum on my hand from fingering her entered through the sensitive skin in my pubic area, or any breast secretion either milk/blood from her nipple would have come in contact with my bleeding gum. Is this a possibility of HIV risk or any other STD. Please advice as I'm seeing symptoms at week 3.

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Thanks for your prompt responses. You guys doing a commendable job here which is helping people in need.
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Your risk remains at Zero and doesn't change even by an iota. Move on with your life normally, HIV is not your problem
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HIV is a fragile virus.  Air and saliva inactivate it. The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Fingering does not lead to HIV transmission.  Nor would your sucking lactating breasts.  This is simply not how HIV works. Use a condom for intercourse and don't share IV drug needles, and you will not have to worry about HIV.
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Thanks for your response. Is there a possibility that HIV from lactating breasts would have touched the bleeding gums or wound in the mouth? As after the shower at home immediately after the session I had sputum.
No, there is no risk.
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None of your exposures puts you at any risk of HIV.
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Thanks for your response.
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