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I would just like to know specific details about the first hiv symtoms? How would you decribe the fever is it mild or high? The rash what does it look like and what areas of the body does it effect? Is recurring canker sores in the mouth a sign of hiv seroconversion? What is the timetable for the onset of such symptoms? A detailed answer would be greatly appreciated and would hopefully ease my mind.
Thank you for your time and effort.
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You cannot go by symptoms alone. What was your exposure?  
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The two inceidence that could have posed a risk to me are a visit to the strip club where i got a lapdance and touched the vagina of a dancer using my fingers. I was fully clothed the whole time though. I got a mild fever with nausea 4 weeks after the strip club visit then rash started appearing on my shoulder 2 months after my strip club visit along with mouth sores. The other would be going to a dentist where I was bleeding in my mouth do to penetration of on of the utensils used in my mouth. I am really nervous about this the symptoms I keep experincing feed my  constant fear. Im planning on getting tested but the three month period after the possible has not ended. So I must wait till then.
Thanks for the replay
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You don't need to be tested you had absolutely no risk of HIV infection
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I underdstand my risk was low, but I what I cannot undertand is the symptoms I am experincing. They match the criteria for HIV seroconverison. Is common for people experincing HIV  anxiety to get such symptoms without being infected?
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It is extremely common. Also your risk wasn't low it was non existent
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Just because you are having 'symptoms' doesn't mean you got HIV.  In order to get HIV you need to have had an exposure, you didn't.

The symptoms of HIV can resemble hundreds of other illnesses which are much more common than HIV and much easier to catch than HIV.

You didn't have a risk, your symptoms are totally irrelevant.
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