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A month ago i had protected sex with hiv+ female,but dont know if the condom had some leakages. in week 2-3 i have developed the following:
1. mouth sores in my gum for two days.
2. high fever(38c) and persisted headache for 4days
3. swollen lymph nodes in armpit for 3days
4. rash on my wrist which is not painful for 3 days now.
5. very lowed wbc of 2.7
    i know you dont use symptoms to find out but just went wrong is the thing i dont know, i was thinking condom will protect me but nothing as things show. i can bet i know its hiv but i will also mention that i used a condom during sex. please help me cope with this.
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Condoms do not lean and when they fail they fail catastrophically. You do not have an HIV concern.
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these symptoms have written are not anxiety driven but real and have gone to the hospital where they are not even sure of what is happening. are there no possibility that the condom allowed the fluids from the lady to enter in the condom and infected me?
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You do not have an HIV concern.
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can these be hiv related
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You never had an exposure and your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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i decided to do the test at 4 weeks which is negative because of the symptoms am seeing, can the this test help to have some hope
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