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Help, I am scared! I am 29 and stupidly had a 2 minute unprotected sex with a girl I don't even know her HIV status for some 3 months now. Though I do not have diarrheoa, cough, sore throat, thrush or lumps on my neck and armpits I am even more terrified now.  Reason being that about 3 weeks ago, I noticed sudden mild but itchy rash particularly on the sides of my ribs, upper buttocks, arms and thighs (none on the face or neck). It quickly subsided about a few days after without medication. Following that, I noticed a painful swelling on both sides of my groin, the next morning at about 10am I had a bout of fever which went away that night. It was the sequence of which these symptoms manifested and speed with which the fever went away that first drew my attention to the suspicion that it could be HIV. It's been 3 days now since the onset of the swelling and I can still feel them although slightly only if I massage the spots. Is there another sequence the symptoms can appear? Which of them is the most definitive of HIV? Until I have been able to do a home test, I do not have the confidence to see my GP. I am simply devastated and only hope and pray this is anxiety.
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1.Unprotected sex would warrant testing

2. The symptoms that you describe is too unspecific when it comes to HIV. HIV ARS rash is not itchy and most of the time it appears on the trunk of the body, swelling of nodes associated with HIV is not painful, fever associated with the virus is very high and doesn't subside within matter of few hours. Also, ARS symptoms show up together and subsides all at once.

3. There is no symptom which is definitive of HIV cuz HIV can't be guessed, to know your status you must test.

4. I see no reason for you too freak so much about the incidence, your risk is low and you should be fine.

5. Test at the 6th week and back up the negative with a final one at the 12th week

Best of luck

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Do you mean the symptoms come all together not one after another and that the swelling is not painful? That will be a huge relief but please I need more incisive opinions so I regain some confidence. I'll be ordering a home test kit and if I'm lucky enough that I'm shutting my doors to SEX unless I'm absolutely sure. This must be a turning point for me.
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