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HIV Scare!

I had sex on holiday with a girl about 2 weeks ago. I believe im mostly paranoid but waiting for that HIV test is killing me. I have got little white spots on my tongue (which isnt thrush) but was informed that it is a later stage of HIV. I have experianced joint pain and weakness. However when i was returning from my holiday which was about 3 days after sexual contact i had a really bad chest infection with my asthma made it worse. Could the stress/infection be causing some of these symptons and is the white tongue probably nothing to worry about?
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ok we give...what "kind of" sex did you have?  unprotected?  vaginal/anal?  oral?
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unprotected vaginal/anal and oral.
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if someone experiences symptoms of being newly infected...these symptoms come at 2-4 WEEKS post exposure and last for 1-2 WEEKS.

symptoms cant be used to diagnose hiv.  the symptoms of early infection are the same symptoms of many common, everyday illnesses.  the ONLY way to know one's status is by testing at the appropriate time.

you can test 6-8 weeks post exposure for a good indication of your status.  at that point...the result is unlikely to change.  test at 3 months for a RELIABLE and CONCLUSIVE result.
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What about the white spots on the tongue to early for that to be a concern?
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you more than likely already had those white spots...STOP searching for "signs and symptoms".

test at the appropriate time.
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It is a late stage symptom though correct me if i am wrong?
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