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HIV Scare?

(I first posted this in the STD forum, but they asked that I post here instead.  Repose below.  Thanks!)

Hello, all -

I'm a 33 year old, recently out of the closet gay man.  I totally crushed on the first man I dated (I guess that's not unusual).  After several weeks of dating, we had anal sex (he received).  As I was inserting, the condom broke.  I immediately withdrew and put on another, which seemed to do the rest of the job just fine :).

Just a few weeks later, the relationship ended.  We never discussed his HIV status, but, in hindsight, there are many things that make me suspicious.

While I realize that HIV can't be diagnosed by symptoms, I've still had suspicious things happening: a few nights of unexplained fever are the most obvious.  

The condom incident was 10 weeks ago.  I went in about 3 weeks ago to get tested, and the clinic worker fairly adamantly refused the test, because it hadn't yet been 3 months since my exposure.

The anxiety of the wait on the window period is killing me.  Concentrating at work is virtually impossible.  Having fun with friends is even difficult.

So, my questions:

1.  Suppose that the other man was HIV positive.  What are the chances that I am now also infected, given the extremely brief exposure so early in intercourse?

2.  Is it worth going to another clinic now (at 10 weeks) and getting a test?  Would the results of that slightly-early screening mean anything at all?  Obviously, if I test negative, I would probably need to do it again after 13 weeks, but I'm dieing for even a little peace of mind here.

3.  Am I completely insane for freaking out about it this much?  Do sexually active gay men just get used to living in this kind of uncertainty without letting the anxiety rule them?

Thanks in advance for your responses!
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go now and it wont change at 13 weeks the result most people get hiv at 6 or 8 weeks so go now if u have alot of anxciety
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if u want more a piece of mind ask him to go with u for a test
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yes find another place to go for now but ur 10 week test will not change at 13 so what i do is find another place then go back at 13 but the results will be the same as 10 thanks and good luck
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