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HIV Subtype Issue

12 Months ago I slept with a Thai girl with a condom on in Thailand unfortunately the condom broke. I recognize that my risk of getting HIV . However, 6 months later I got tested just to be sure. I took a Tri-dot test and it came back negative.

However, I read that the Tri Dot test only picks up HIV strains from India and Africa... hence should I get a different type of test just to be sure?

Would appreciate your help on the same...
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The Tridot test detects both HIV-1 and HIV-2.  I'm not sure where you read otherwise, but it's not true.

You have tested conclusively negative and do not need any additional testing.  You do not have HIV.
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Thanks for the response but Tridot test website States below.

Differential detection of HIV-1 & HIV-2.

Detection of group ‘O’ & subtype ‘C

Would appreciate your reply...

As my exposure was in Thailand and test done was in India would it pick up Subtype E.
OK, I see what you are saying now - you stated that it only picks up strains from India and Africa, which isn't accurate.  

It's confusing the way that they write it.  Subtype E is in the HIV-1 category.  It's HIV-1, Group M, subtype E.  The test will detect all subtypes of HIV-1.  What the test does NOT do is tell you, if positive, what subtype it is.  If a person tested positive for HIV=1, further evaluation would be needed to determine the subtype.

This is a very long (and old) document stating that all tests were very good at identifying subtypes: https://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/publications/en/op_characteristics_HIV_rep11.pdf It was written in 1999, and even then, the tests were able to detect HIV with a very high level of accuracy.

If you still have concerns about the test, your best resource is to call the manufacturer.
Hey CurfewX

Today I went to ICTC center a Govt testing center in India this is after 10 months after exposure they used some Comb aids test and the result was Non Reactive for both HIV 1 & 2. I don't know whether this test covers all subtypes your advise would be appreciated...
Did you even read what I wrote? Your previous test was conclusive.  The test you took today is conclusive.  Stop testing.  You don't have HIV.
CurfewX Thanks alot
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Diver58, Anxious No more And Mike ur comments please
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CurfewX has already provided you with the information that you needed to know. Your test specifically looks for antibodies to HIV 1 & 2, Group 'M' for "major", is a common type of HIV, with more than 90% of HIV infections responsible due to HIV-1 group M, the subtype E is a part of the above mentioned group.

The problem here is that you have read too much about HIV online, you have not been able to accept your result, testing out at 10 months and asking for advice on it's accuracy?

Please see a therapist for your anxiety, none of us here can tell you any thing that can lead you to believe that you don't have HIV. Only a therapist can help you with your guilt.

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I second CurfewX and Mike_No. Their replies are comprehensive. Trust your test report and move on with your life normally. You do not have HIV.

Possibility of HIV transmission from a single, isolated act of unprotected sex ( or condom failure) is not as significant as you are imagining.  The most significant odd in your favor is, her unknown status...... She was not a confirmed HIV+ and therefore there is a very strong possibility that she might not have the infection. This possibility drop your risk factor drastically because nobody can give something she/he does not have.
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