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HIV? Swollen Gland, Armpit, Chin, Neck, Throat, Groin

I really need help and I messed up big time.

Four weeks ago I went to massage parlor and had a rough massage along with a hand job. During the massage the lady massage each of my individual fingers by pulling hard and cracking my knuckles. At the same time she sucked both of my nipples brief for 10 sec,before I asked her to stop.

From this experience I don't see much fluid exchange except her sucking / licking my nipples. Handjob with cuts??

However, 2-3 weeks exactly I came down with a mono type of rash on my hard palate, low grade fever, stomach upset and most distress symptom of all, LUMP in armpit (Swollen Lymph), both sides same corner on both of the armpits.

My question is was my activity risky? And would someone have contracted HIV during this ordeal?

Please help and I look forward to hearing from you. I have no were else to turn to.

Thank you.
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Under no circumstances were you even close to a risk of HIV transmission.
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After reading Dr. Hunter and Cook I understand I had no risk. But why would I have symptoms instantly within ARS time frame that I've never experience before.

Do you not agree some viral infection is source of it? The only one I can think of is HIV.
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All of my lymphs are in pain with sharp pain, except armpit that is painless with big lump.

I am getting constant herpes outbreak every week with new lesion. HIV or new strain of virus causing weak immune system?
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I got some sort of std.. Why all sudden lymph enlarge all over body. Plus stomach pain, loose Stool, sore throat.. I can feel my stomach lymph tight, under my chin.

I don't have mono or cmv. So it's hiv.

Too many symptoms for low risk, how could that be?

All these appear in ars time frame?
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Did u tell u I have geographic tongue and white stuff on  it... U read this is cause by change in cd4 decrease?
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My new symptom is diarreha after eating with stomach noise as well new lymph under the chin. I feel really tired with new symptoms everyday. I know I have HIV but how from a handjob?

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You cant get HIV from a handjob its impossible, not a debate, impossible.
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I just realize when I'm erected the meatus turns red around the urethra opening and the bottom shaft has hair folliciles that are popped creating red rash?

Would this place me at risk? The rash and pimples can absorb the virus from her hand?
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NOTHING you can invent to try and create a risk will change any answers here. You will never get HIV from a handjob, never and nothing you can add will change this.
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Please don't ban me. My lymph nodes are swollen in neck, armpit and groin all at the same time, they're painless.

I'm going insane waiting til tuesday to know if I have HIV. I think I do based on symptoms. I hear lymph nodes swollen = HIV.
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What about other act? No one has gotten symptoms I had, especially enlarge nodes all over the body
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What about other act? No one has gotten symptoms I had, especially enlarge nodes all over the body
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What did your doctor say about your enlarged nodes?
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An infection of some sort and that I come back if they get bigger and ask me to do blood work that has hiv test included
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Then keeping working with your doctor, you were not exposed to HIV, so cannot help you !!
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