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HIV Symptoms - Anxiety


Thank you in advance for taking the time to repsond my story, it is most appreciated!  Not that my story is different from alot of the other stories I have read in the forum, yes, I have had unprotected hetersexual intercourse (male to female) and I'm terrified that I have contracted HIV.

  It was a one night stand while travelling for work in Indiana, we had oral sex once and intercourse twice in one evening.  I met this person online, she is 39, 9 yrs my senior and my foolish mind led me to believe that she was the typical "milf next door".   After the encounter in conversation I found out that she got divorced because her husband cheated on her, with 5 different women.  Then I found out she had been with 3 different (younger) men in the last 6 months.  I instantly started freaking out inside, the guys she had slept with where black (I'm black also, non-American), I've read information online that the incidence of HIV in 18-35 year old black males in 1 in 5.  Please noone read prejudice in mention of "blacks", I am black myself, the statistic just adds to my paranoia that she has HIV, besides I do not even know that this statistic is real.  Regardless, when you couple this information with the fact that her husband was cheating on her with 5 women that she knew about, I figure there is a very high chance that she has been exposed.  Further to this, she wanted it bareback and wanted me to cum in her.  (So did everyone else I'm sure)For some reason I believe a woman is more at risk if the guy comes in her vs. him pulling out.  I don't know if I'm correct in this thinking.  

3 days later, I started to develop chlamydia symptoms, I know this because I had chlamydia twice before.  Once I returned from my trip I went to my doctor and my concerns were confirmed.  Tested pos for chlamydia.  The first thing the doctor said was that I should be tested for HIV.  "If you got chlamydia, who knows what else you got."  His advice was to wait 6 months and get the blood test, I do not believe he is very HIV/AIDS savvy (for lack of a better word) seeing as where I live HIV is not very prevalent, also from reading this site I understand that a test at 3 months is just as accurate.

about 4 or 5 weeks from the encounter I noticed swollen glands in my neck which lasted 4 days, with no other symptoms other than the start of my hayfever season.  I've had a yeast infection twice (i'm uncircumsized, which increases my risks right?) and I also think I have candida at this point (it's been 4 months since the incident).  I've only had a yeast infection once before when I was 18.  In addition, I never get colds or flu, this year I got a cold for a week about 3 months after the encounter.  I feel like I get chills in my back from time to time.

I've wasted so many nights feeding my paranoia, I had drinking problems before and since the incident I've been drinking every night, I've drank every day for 4 1/2 months!!!  This is destroying my life.  I just had a negative test before the incident and I know I've put myself at risk.  I know the simple answer is to just go and get tested, but I can't muster the strength.  I think this time I got caught.  I've read stats like 1 in 1000, but then I've read how it increases with factors such as being "uncircumsised".  I have an addictive personality, I smoke, drink and obsess about sex.  I've read that having unprotected sex was a symptom of addiction.

I guess what I'm asking is for you to verify some of my "misinformation" and advise on my risk level based on the scenario.  Thank you so much for your response, the scope of your work on this site goes a long way to help people.

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you chose to have unprotected sex with a total stranger...twice.   you need to test to know your status.

it has been 4 1/2 months so you can test now for a conclusive test.
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