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HIV Symptoms 24-48 Hours After Sex? Or a Cold/Flu?

Hi Im a 17 Year old male, My girlfriend just recently got over a HIV Scare not so long ago, From a guy she had sex with. He had a HIV Test but he said they come back Negative but he said "When he phoned them the lady didnt sound too sure"

So the morning of the day I was meeting her I already had a sore throat and a cold or flu occurring, But still Visited her later that night, We had unprotected sex (That took my Virginity) On the Friday Night, Saturday night she started getting alot of Pain in her stomach and she told me to put my head against her Belly, I did so and It was The stomach Acid like Gurgling or bubbling? She took Painkillers and it went away an hour later but she said she has been getting this for about 3 weeks every night, Is this an HIV Symptom??

Anyways, My Cold or Flu Got worse over the 2 Days of being with her, But then I started getting Issues Ive never experienced before in a cold or flu, Like Aching Arm Joints when I move them, Aching back, A Small Lump inside my Ear Lobe, My Mum said my Neck Glands are Swelling up, But I dont see it. I have a sore Chest and a Cough, Dry Chapped lips that have been peeling and now I have 2 Ulcers or sores behind my Top Teeth, Right in between my second and third molar teeth, Each Side.

I asked my girlfriend if she has Had any issues that she may have caught from me and she says Yes, Her lips are also now dry and she now has a sore Throat.

I havent mentioned too much of this to my Girlfriend because I dont want to freak her out because shes already had enough Issues, But Im pretty freaked out about this for mine and my girlfriends sakes.

Can you even get HIV Symptoms 2 days after sex? Is a Gurgling Stomach a HIV Symptom?? Or do I just have a cold????? Whats your opinion? Please answer and help me, I dont want my girlfriend to freak out or her to break up with me because of this, I dont have anybody else to speak too. I would go to the Dr but I cannot get a Test this early :S

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Tell your GF to test to know her status 3 months after unprotected exposure. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Yes Im going to tell her to get tested. But I want to break it to her when Im ready to. I thought my Symptoms had something to do with HIV But Im glad they're not. Thank you.
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