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HIV Symptoms Burning Mouth and Parotitis

Dear Sir,

I had and very high risky exposure with a prostitute without protection on 20 March 13. I was drunk and I ejaculated inside her only. After a week I had very sore throat  (never had before). Then it went off in a week. Then after two week from exposure I had whiskey with soda (about to vomit) but managed to stop. Next day morning my entire mouth was reddish ...no ulcers but burning sensation. This is still I have. After this in 7th Week I had extreme pain in back of my neck just like some thing is moving..soon after that I got mild swelling in parotid gland both side. And after this vomiting sensation but have done a single one till now...feeling very tired, tensed and anxious. Night sweet when only i think about being HIV+. Today (13 March) I managed to call the man who provide the lady ...and he said he ,,she is clean...but still i m worried. I had Rapid Immune Screen Card Test done on following Date

26th March  Negative
5th April  negative
20  April negative
5th may negative
9th may negative.

Now i am going Mumbai for PCR / WB test.

My symptoms are
1. Sore Throat ( 1-2 Week)
2. Burning Mouth Syndrome (3 Week - and Still)
3. Pain In neck (swollen node) - 6th Week
4. Mild Fever - Parotits - 8th Week
5. Vomiting sensation - 8th week
6. No rashes , No joint pain ..mild cramps switchation in leg  muscles - 7th week.

Sir I am in a very great fear . I m married and having a son of two year old. I m in deep **** now ..pls do guide me what to do ..I hav told every thing to my wife ..she is so help ful and still want to be with me..

My question I last tested on 9th May ...soon after that parotid gland on both side - mild swollen..with fever I m taking antibiotics...as per the consultation of doctor.. Now pls tell me what is my state ..I m very conscious.

Burning Mouth - only happens in womens...if it is in men then it is HIV ..is it right.

Apologize for bad English.
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Dear Sir..if u will take this much time to reply means ...something really wrong with me.
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