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HIV Symptoms but negative after 10 months ( take a look pls, Question #5)

My Sinful exposure was on 18 November 2015 ( 3 min,unprotected receptive MSM, No ejaculation  )

Symptoms 10 days after exposure:  resperation pain, arthritis, burning sensation, loss of appetite, lymph nodes pain, muscle aching, pins and needles,

December 2015: PCR RNA TEST ( 17 days post exposure ) undetectable
December 2015: Elisa Test 3rd generation came back negative

February 2016: protected sex with my wife (6 times), 3 weeks later, she start a having flue, red eyes respiration problem, muscle pain and rash for 2 days

Now and after 11 months form my encounter,
(severe neuropathy "pins and needles" electric shocks like pain"especially in my feets" Burning feeling , arthritis and red patches on sclap, meningitis "head and spinal cord" )

September 10th, my left ear start causes annoying pain, along with swollen tonsils and white spots on them, extreme dry mouth, night sweats.

5 days later, my esophagus and adam's apple start hurting a lot till now...

The most scary part of this is that my left sided submandibular, tonsilars and supraclavicular glands are swollen since 3 weeks !

i took amoxicillin twice a day for 2 weeks with no relief...
swollen glands nothing but painkiller also with no help...

symptoms are distressing and my concerns are for the possibility of test limitation for both RNA and antibody & antigen ( 4th and 3rd test generation )
i'm concerned that i might been infected with a rare HIV strain which was not detected by the tests..

Tests made till now :

3 PCR RNA test ( last one 2 weeks ago " 10+ months post exposure ")
3 Rapid test - 3rd generation
4 4th Generation HIV 1 & 2 Abs & P24 - CMIA chimiluminescence method ( last one 2 weeks ago " 10 months post exposure" )
1  CD8 CD4 test  ( 3 months post exposure ) my CD4: 938 - 40%   CD8: 586 - 25%      CD4/CD8 Ratio: 1.60.

I tested negative for all STD's ( but high value for IGG both CMV and EBV )

I desperately need your professional opinion,

1) Does CMIA  hiv tests catch all type and subtype hiv strains ?
2) Any known test can cover the majority of HIV strains and types ?
3) how can we conclued that its not a unique viral strain,, all symptoms point out to HIV , including severe Neuropathy and gradually getting worse ?
4) if infected, what should be my CD4 Tcells count now ?
5) take a look at this document, http://www.aidsmap.com/CD4-cell-counts-becoming-lower-soon-after-infection-with-HIV-suggests-virus-becoming-more-virulent/page/1434262/
and please read carfully what do they mean by

(" A total of 2174 people were included in the investigators’ analysis. All had had an HIV-negative test result at most four years before their diagnosis with HIV.
The mean age was 29 years; 96% were men; 45% were African American, 44% white and 11% other ethnicities.
Just over a third (35%) were diagnosed with HIV within a year of a previous negative test result, 41% were diagnosed within one to two years of testing HIV-negative, 17% within two to three years, and 7% within three to four years. A CD4 cell measurement was taken within three months of HIV diagnosis in 90% of patients")

6) i heard also that HLA genes plays a role in showing negative test while the person is really infected ( any idea which HLA gene ??)

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Speaking only for myself, your questions and concerns are way beyond my grasp of HIV related medical knowledge.....I can only suggest you seek out a top notch HIV Specialist to find the root cause of your issues.
I'm sorry I could not help you.
I wish you the very best outcome.
Dear Ruby, thank you for your reply, but what i understand from your answer by telling me to "seek top notch hiv specialist" (and not Infectious Diseases specialist )means that you still doubt my negative results even after 10 months due to the above mentioned symptoms ? appreciate your feedback
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Actually, I do not doubt your negative status, but YOUR primary concern seemed to center around HIV, which is why I suggested you seek the advice of an HIV Specialist. I could just have easily suggested you see an Infectious Disease Specialist, but then you'd probably have written back asking why I didn't suggest an HIV Specialist.
I can only suggest you see one or the other as THEY have the knowledge to answer your questions and interpret your labs. I do not. (You DO understand that none of us on this forum are doctors......)
Again, I wish you the very best and hope you get the answers you're seeking soon.
Stay strong
Appreciated ! keep you posted
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I am very interested to learn what the doctor(s) say about your symptoms, so I would be most appreciative if you DID keep me updated.
Thank you
just to keep you posted dear, now i just developed Candida albicans in my throat with extreme pain in my esophagus, lymph nodes still enlarged..
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