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HIV Symptoms question

Hey all,

I had two exposures about 6 weeks ago. I had sex with two CSW's and my condom broke. Over the course of the past 3 weeks I have had a multitude of symptoms; headache, swollen abdomen and armpit nodes (armpits continuously hurt), sore throat, stomach ache, and constant muscle and joint pain. The muscle and joint pain is extremely concerning since it just comes on at random moments and stings like crazy. Then it will subside. My legs and arms experience it the most. I also have pain in and around my testicles. Mainly at the base of my penis and on my things closest to the penis. Could someone please help answer the following questions:
1) Do ARS symptoms normally come on at once or spread out?
2) If you don't get a fever, does that mean you probably don't have ARS?
3) How do you characterize the muscle and joint pain of ARS?
4) Are swollen lymph nodes normally sore?
5) Lastly, how accurate is an HIV test at 3 and 5 weeks respectively? I a viral load test at 3 weeks which came back negative and a rapid finger ***** one at 5 weeks and it was negative.

Thanks so much to all of you in advance for helping answer my questions! I really, really appreciate it. I just can't explain all these symptoms and am really nervous.
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1. They come on all at once if someone does get ARS.
2. If you have true ARS, then you will have a fever.
3. You don't have muscle or joint pain with HIV.
4. Swollen lymph nodes with HIV are never sore
5. A test that early is not reliable at all.

Testing is done at 6 weeks and if that test is negative you retest at 3 months for a conclusive test result.
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What Teak said ! :)
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Hi Teak

Sorry for posting on an old link but I am interested about your comment of no muscle or joint pain for signs of early hiv

Please can you clarify this as most literature states muscle pains as being part of the many symptoms

Forgive me if I am being ignorant here and I truly appreciate any information you can confirm

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I think that question about muscle pain should be answered. Every bit of literature says muscle pain is a symptom. Can you please explain why you believe this not to be the case?
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Not true at all.The 3 classic ARS symptoms are very high fevers,body rash and very sore throats.
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help plz
End of june 2012 i did a stupid mistake and had unprotected sex with a male i knew for a year..but didnt know him that well or his Hiv status...after the exposure i didnt think much of it until about 5 weeks later started to feel unwell..i msged him and asked about his status he said he fine and he got tested 6 months before we had sex...but not relying on what he said i took a hiv test at almost 6 weeks after that episode..it came out negative..after that i was still having ongoing symptoms..diahhrea, joint pain..just feeling unwell..this lasted a little over a month...then i went again a few weeks later to see him we ended up having sex again used protection but he did put the head of his penis inside not protected...stupid i know after all i have already been through..but i guess i was just feeling a little better that my test 6 weeks after was negative..so anyways to make this short i tested again at 81 days after the 1st exposure and was negative again and dr. said i dont need anymore testing..but im now scared about the second time we had sex....the 1st time i was obviously in the clear cause i tested a few days short of 12 weeks....but it was only 2 weeks after second exposure
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im soo sorry for posting here...i meant to poost in my own thread...sorry for that!
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