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HIV Symptoms worry for years

In short, i had sex with a csw, in Southern Africa. she provided a condom but i realized after finishing that it broke.
4 days later i realized i had contracted candida. i saw the doc, he gave me some cream and antibiotics and it went away. i then developed shoulder pain for nearly 2 weeks. My tongue became whitish, no sores, no creamy lesions, its just white up until today. i then felt a lymph node in my neck( if i press), its not visible, hasn't changed size till today. now i have a rash that sometimes leave blackish spots. i always had a problem with dry skin in my legs, but now it seems really worse. I cannot say i have diarrhea all this time, but i do notice a difference in how soft my poop has become...This encounter happened a year and half ago, I am still scared out of my mind that i might be HIV positive. I think not knowing & lying to myself saying stress is causing this is the only thing keeping me sane. I just dont know what to do anymore
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So, I take it you have tested negative?
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zero tests. extremely scared
hiv doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them either. Just take any test now for a conclusive result but it is unlikely you have gone this long without hospitalization if you are positive, plus if you really had hiv symptoms you would be dead very quickly if you started exhibiting symptoms but didn't go to a hospital.

It is unfortunate that you have suffered anxiety for 2 years when you could have tested and be done with your fears including imagining that your ailments (which are really minor btw) are signs you are ill with hiv. Only a doc can diagnose if any of those you list are a problem so instead of just self diagnosing, see him if concerned - but almost everyone who suspects hiv posts here that their tongue is whitish - despite all those claims of whitish tongues I have not seen anyone on this forum in years who ended up with a positive test result.
There is less than a 2 percent chance of transmission from a single condom break.  It is unlikely that you got HIV.  Odds are most definitely that you did not. but you need to test and move on from your worry.
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You are at a point where you can just walk in to a diagnostic lab/center, have your blood drawn and get your result.

I don't see a point for you to go through this ordeal and make this so difficult for yourself.

Yeast infections are very common, it doesn't indicate anything, also your symptoms don't seem to be specific to HIV. Hypothetically speaking, if your partner was positive, the odds of transmission are still low. It's often seen, for a male partner to contract HIV from a positive female partner, it takes multiple unprotected vaginal exposure.

Now stop beating yourself up, just get tested and come back to post your negative.

We will conclude this thread right here because there is nothing to discuss any further, the only thing that's remaining here is that you get out and get tested.

I foresee you coming back to do the "Woohoo!"
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