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HIV Symptoms?

Dear Dr,

I am a 23 yr old male who went out on Jan 6. to a local bar got drunk and ended up sleeping with a woman of unknown status(unprotected sex). The very next day my testicles had a slight ache that went on for about two weeks, then I had flu like symptoms and my calf muscles were twitching out of control and had very painful muscle aches in legs as well as rectal discharge(looked limegreen). This seemed very abnormal for me so I went and got std checks for chlamydia, ghonnorea and hiv swab oraquick on january 26th. All tests came back negative but the rectal discharge continued and was followed by headaches and the aching in testicles has been off and on since and the body aches seem to come and go.Got retested for hiv and tested for herpes on feb 6. and results were negative. I have since had HIV blood test done on March 23rd, 75 days, or 10.5 weeks post encounter,  as well as herpes and hepatitus and cbc which all test came back negative and cbc was normal.The aching in testicles is still off and on and seems to be worse after i run or workout and headache seems constantly an everyday thing as well as pressure in rectal area has continued, the twitching in my calves is an everyday thing but not as bad. It seems when i run or get heart rate up that i get light headed which never has happened before, it almost feels like pressure sometimes where my temple is. I am beginning to worry myself sick thinking this is possible hiv exposure because symptoms have been going on for over two months now and i feel i just took hiv test too early. I do not have health insurance so can not see a dr. the only people I have talked to about it at clinics just keep telling me to come back in 3 months but have no answers or guidance. Any light you can shed on this situation would be grealty appreciated. Is the last hiv test reliable or do you suggest another
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Relax, your 10.5 weeks negative result is very unlikely to change by the 3 months mark. The odds are highly in your favour. Retest at 3 months for a conclusive test result.

Testicle pain and feeling of pressure in your temple has nothing to do with HIV.

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what about the rectal discharge? I am sorry if i sound idiotic but I am just panicing! Is a oralquik swab hiv1/2 sufficient at the 12 week mark?
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yes that test will be sufficient
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the only thing that scares me is that they have not found a reason for why I am feeling this way and just keep saying it is in my head..I had hiv ruled out until the blood test came back neg from herpes, hiv, hepatitus,chlamydia, ghonnorea and syphillus.And my cbc was normal. Then I saw that hiv does not always show up that soon and began to worry about it again because everything else would have shown up by now on blood test. The symptoms had died down for a while until I drank beer for the first time in two month and the symtpoms came back in full force... Does this sound familiar to anyone?? Does beer cause symtpoms to get worse in some stds?
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Symptoms with ARS don't come and go and don't come that late after an exposure.
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The symptoms have never fully gone away they had just gotten to the point that I could go on with my normal routine of life until I drank beer, then I felt terrible for about a week and symptoms are starting to calm down again but have stayed constant for almost three months now.. Is that sound familiar to anyone? Just trying to figure this thing out
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Symptoms if one has them at all come on 2-4 weeks post exposure and last 1-2 weeks. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions it really has helped me get hiv out of my head. Would you suggest a 12 week test or is the 10.5 week blood test sufficient enough?
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You are in the US so it's 13 weeks.
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do you know of any other std's that have these symptoms? sorry to keep bothering you but you seem knowledgeable on the topic.
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You'll need to post your STD questions in the STD Forum.
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