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HIV Symptoms

Hello I'll just straight to the point my post and ask some questions regarding HIV symptoms.

1) When a person starts to exhibit symptoms of a possible HIV infection do the symptoms ever go away?
2) Has there ever been a link between HIV and esinophilic colitis?
3) If hot flashes during sleep used to happen sparingly and now they happen almost daily can that be a sign of infection?
4) How accurate is the oral rapid HIV test given it has been years since last possible exposure?

I know these questions may sound far fetched but if someone can please answer them they would greatly lower my stress level regarding the situation.

Thank You
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Thank you for questions 1 and 4, sorry I can't help you, but I have the same questions that you do. Also, when you say oral rapid are you referring to the oral fluid test? Thanks.
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the ones that are just an oral swab i think they take a half our to turn up results
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1) Yes
2) Not that I know of
3) No
4) Conclusive...it is conclusive at 3 months, so anything after is also conclusive
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