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HIV Symptoms

Hello Docs,
I visit massage parlors regularly and they provide hand jobs and sometime nipple kissing. I do not get full service or touch their private area.

Last time I visited a sex worker on Aug 4th. We didn't have penetrational sex. We touched each other. She slicked my ear and I kissed her back. We didn't touch each other's genital area. She used a vibrator on herself and I released on the floor.

3 days later (Aug 7) I start having these symptoms:
- dry eyes, skins
- nausea
- difficulty swallowing
- headache
- soft stool (type 5)
- tight muscle, muscle pain

9 days later (Aug 13) I start having these symptoms:
- hot flashes
- sleepless and hot flashes(but no sweat)

11 days (Aug 15) I took HIV test and these are the result
Test Value Range Result
HIV-1 Antibody <1.00 <1.00 Negative
HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Non Reactive Non Reactive Negative
HIV-1 DNA Negative - Negative

13 days (Aug 17) visited my family doctor and he checked the followings (I didn't tell him HIV)
no fever, no sore throat, no enlarged thyroid.
He said no major problem but he told me to test TSH w/ T4 to ensure.

(1) Can I catch HIV from the enviroment, example: stepped on body fluid and HIV entered body via athlete's foot wound or from the sex worker's vinyl bed?

(2) is HIV DNA accurate? what's the false negative % on 11 days?

(3) Please kindly explain the tests that I took.

(4) if I don't have HIV, why am I not feeling well?

(5) when and which test should I take next? I will leave country and must test by Aug 31 (27 days)

Your prompt response is highly apprecaited.

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You were already told that you never had a risk of hiv transmission because there was no unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex.There is no need to keep posting, the responses aren,t going to change.Your safe.
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sorry. I double posted by mistake.
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