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HIV Symptoms

I had a potential exposure to HIV back on Sept 25th this year with an escort in Vegas (full sex), and I have been dizzy ever since that time--exactly two days after potnetial expsure until now.  Every morning I wake up, all day....light headedness, forgetfulness, cloudy thinking and again--dizziness. Some of the other symptoms that I've had, burning mouth, lips, weird red spots on my chest, arms, and most recently burning acne (cystic) on my face--I never get acne except when i was a teenager.  Lastly, I had bad night sweats for a couple weeks straight in October and lost about 6 lbs.  Recently I don't have the night sweats, and I 've gained back my appetite, but still have constant dizziness and this weord acne and folliciltis randomly on my body (never had this before until my potential exposure).

I had a mouth swab test at 5 weeks 3 days, and finger prick test at 7 weeks 2 days, both came back negative.....it's now been 10 weeks, and I am scheduled for a 3mo on Dec 27th.

My questions are as follows:

A)  Is it normal during seroconversion to have dizziness? And if so, does anyone know approx when it would occur and for how long?  

B) can symptoms of cystic acne or weird skin stuff happen this far along during seroconversion ( would it have stopped at some point and gone away)?

C) Lastly, has anyone ever heard of someone becoming positive after they've been tested at 7weeks and had a negative result?'

Thank you for your replies and Support!   I understand that I must test at 3mo to be sure, 6mo to be dead on sure, but just for peace of mind......these questions have been bugging me. Can't tell if it's anxiety or serious.

Best Regards.
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A. No
B. Has nothin to do with HIV
C. Yes

3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive negative test result.
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Thanks Teak.  Can my stress cause a lowered immune repsonse to the potential virus, in other words, 3mo may show and should also do a 6mo.  I've read that people with severly hindered immune systems will react much slower....

Thanks again Teak.  Your commitment to this Forum is impressive and appreciated! You're doing great work here....
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Thanks Teak.
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Just wanted to follow-up.  I had my 3mo Uni-Gold rapid test done today, NEGATIVE!!

Thanks for the support, and all you guys on this Forum!   It's much appreciated; keep up the great work.

Best Regards
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