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HIV Symptoms

Dear Doctor,

I just found out that this guy I had sex with a little over a month ago is HIV+. He said his T cell count is above 600 and his viral load is undetectable. We had anal sex but he wore a condom. However, we both performed oral sex on each other and neither of us wore a condom. A few weeks later there was a single wart on my lower lip. It disappeared after a few days of treating it with some salicylic acid cream. Although this worried me, I had a single wart in the same place almost exactly a year ago that went away on its own after about a week. Therefore I don't believe the wart on my lip is a result of this encounter. Am I wrong?

I also had some flu like symptoms but they were very mild and in December, so it just seemed kind of normal. However there are some other symptoms that are definitely not normal. There are two brown spots that were not there before. One is near the corner of my lip, and the other is right next to my nostril on the same side of my face. They look kind of like freckles, don't itch, and are painless, but I now for a fact that they just recently appeared. Also, There is a single wart on the palm of my hand almost identical to the one on my lip. It has been there about a week and does not seem to be going away as the one on my lip did. There is also a small brown freckle like thing on the palm of my hand. Additionally, I have had some irritable bowel movements and slight pains in my abdomen.

I have just graduated college and am in the process of looking for a job. I am completely broke otherwise I would go see a doctor. I am going to go to a free HIV testing clinic asap. Are these obvious signs of HIV infection? Are the warts signs of something else? How easily/likely is it for HIV to spread through oral sex if there is not ejaculation?
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Oral sex is considered by specialists to be a no risk situation! There has never in the 30+ year HIV/aids epidemic been a case accuired from oral sex I'm sure you won't be the first! Transmission of hiv happens inside the body!!!Relax as far as the brown spots they are Prob just freckles and have never noticed before cause now u are examining you body like never before you are gonna notice things u didn't notice before! Stress and anxiety can cause many symtoms! Condom= safesex no risk !! Don't scour the net you'll lose your mind I've been there just move on w life and be safe always !! Test out at 12 weeks for conclusive piece of mind!! God bless!!
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