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HIV Symptoms

Glad I found this website that is so informative without being useless. So, I am a 25 year old bi-sexual guy from India. I've had several sexual encounters with both men and women, mostly men & protected. But let's just consider the possibility that I may have gone unprotected. November of 2013, I was screened medically for Dubai residency for any infectious diseases and thankfully I was free from any of them. I came to India soon after that. I have had a couple encounters since my arrival here and 99.99% I have only been into insertive oral NOT anal & never receptive at any given point, more so because I am much of a top. I am currently also going through counselling & therapy for a drug withdrawal (No Needles) very severely. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and a severe panic disorder, I can really even panic at a loud enough sound of anything. So, since my therapy started, I have been googling alot about various diseases. Anywhere I see some news on diseases I start panicking about me having that disease. Maybe I am a Hypochondriac, my shrink thinks I could be one perhaps. So lately, I have had tons of panic attacks about the thought that I may have contracted the infection since my arrival here. And sometimes I panic that I may be even in the later stages of AIDS. I have had absolutely no complaints of even a mild fever, no high temperature, no cough, no swollen anything, no rashes or anything like that. Although a mild head ache that could possibly be due to the stress and anxiety. I am still considering the odds.
I need help, pretty please! My life is in a big jeopardy at this time since this disorder started. I need to know what are my chances of the infection and what I should be doing for doing better to myself and to the folks around me. I want my life back.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Peace & love from India!
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nothing you have written which tells HIV possibilities. but if you have any unprotected sexual exposure like vaginal or anal, then after completion of 3 months from the event you can have conclusive HIV result.

else you can forget about HIV.
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Would you suggest a way to get help please?
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We don't do "well lets just say" questions on this forum.
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