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HIV Symptoms

I am aware symptoms are not adequate in diagnosing HIV however, I feel I need to tell someone my symptoms and ultimately my worry. This would also help those who are reading multiple forums like me based on identifying symptoms.

I have a test in a week (4 weeks post exposure). I engaged in a high risk activity. More so than most others I have read and will regret it for the rest of my life.

- week 1: anxiety/hard to breathe/weight loss/not eating/depressed/sleeping all the time/night sweats (all, now aware, are not symptoms of HIV at present)

- within 1 week post exposure - white fordyce spots (small white dots) appeared on upper lip/swollen neck (still swollen)

- 1 week to 2 week post exposure - oily face/rash looks like it starts to begin on sides of neck (red blotchy)/feels like I cannot swallow my saliva/semen is clumpy and string like and has become thicker since/mucus on tongue which is yellow and smells and can be scraped off

- 2 weeks post exposure: blotchy red rash on neck moved down to shoulders and small circles on bicep and forearm. Faint and dry rash. Was initially itchy and now it isnt. Comes out more after shower.

-2 to 3 weeks - Easily getting pins and needles in my hands when sleeping/mild muscle and joint ache/recently felt behind right knee however, small aches everywhere.
- penis smells when pull foreskin back
- slight constant headache for last few days
- under armpits slightly painful (probably due to lymph nodes)

Currently no FLU - will this soon be expected?

Not sure what answer I am after from this it just seems to help pass the time and helps to deal with the inevitable.
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Would like to know what your risk was.
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