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I took this blood test 102 days after probable exposure. IS it conclusive?
HIV (Ag p24 + Ac HIV1/2)
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If you had unprotected intercourse, it was appropriate to test and you tested negative. HIV duo tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond and all other tests at 90 days and beyond. You do not have HIV.
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Please describe the exposure as it affects the testing. Anal, oral , vaginal, protected?
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I figured the answer. You had no risk back in August which was why your threads were closed.
but I am not sure I ask any question in this forum. any way
I had unprotected sex on 24th Jun. I did rapid test on 61day and 71 day after probable exposure.
both them came back negative.
and my last test HIV (Ag p24 + Ac HIV1/2) was on 102 days after exposure. and came back negative. but i am still worry about the results
I am man and have vaginal sex with a woman.
how the exposure can effect on the test results?
Any test is conclusive after 3 months so you should move on instead of wasting your life in fear of a disease you don't have. If you can't move on see a therapist because you have gone to many forums.
thank you so much I hope the best for you
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