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Can HIV ANTIBODY TEST(ELISA<HIV ! & ANTIBODY) test after 6 months fi fully conclusive????? I hb done ELISA test aftr 6 mnths of exposure???? Can I be 100% confident tat I m HIV negetive as the test came back non reactive with ANTIBODY 0.020 OD........will I have to test aftr ! yr?
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3 months is conclusive, so yes you are conclusive. No need for anymore testing.
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It is conclusive after 3 months. No modern test takes longer then 3 months to show a positive result. 6 months has not been used since 2004 and 1 year has not been used in a long time.
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Antibody tests may give false negative (no antibodies were detected despite the presence of HIV) results during the window period, an interval of three weeks to six months between the time of HIV infection and the production of measurable antibodies to HIV seroconversion. Most people develop detectable antibodies approximately 30 days after infection, although some seroconvert later. The vast majority of people (97%) have detectable antibodies by three months after HIV infection; a six-month window is extremely rare with modern antibody testing.

took this from wikipedia
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is ELISA test considered as mordern test..as far I knw it is nt a mordern test...your's answer is contradictry...So plz say shall i need to test at 1 yr??????
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if its negative and u've got your peace of mind from it then dont.
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Wikipedia is not an accurate resouce that any medical information should be based on. 6 months is only in theory and is for people with compromised immune systems, such as under going chemyo, or recent organ transplant. And those people are told.

ELISA is a moden test. You are negative.
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bt I find in internet tat ELISA was the first test used for detection of HIV....so how cn ELISA is considered as mordern test?
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Y u r nt replyin? plz reply and i will gain my peace of mind....
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Yeah they keep using the same test as they did in the 80's right? Science has not come along to refine and make better tests? Move on.
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sorry but it seems that you are just confusing people and making them worried unnecessarily.
1 year or 6 months window period is an urban myth.
6months window period is very rare and for people who are under immunosupresive drugs,late stages of cancer,prone chemotherapy,chronic drug users and even that only happens in theory.
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Testing is conclusive at 3 months, and our experts would say even sooner.  Modern testing means almost any test used today.  Any reputable place in the world will be using current test technology, and Teak can help if he has heard of any place not using it - I have not.

Let's not debate this any further, thanks.

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You never had a risk and was advised of it back in January several times.
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